Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Anand Bihari Dubey’s effigy burnt at Steel Strips Wheels gate

Jamshedpur, Feb. 6: Alleging neglect of the locals in the union committee formed in Steel Strips Wheels company in Chotta Govindpur, Congress leaders headed by Chandan Pandey burnt effigy of President of the union Anand Bihari Dubey and the company management before the company gate on Monday.

The party workers also shouted slogans. On the occasion Chandan Pandey said, Anand Bihari Dubey is a contractor of the company and with the collusion of the company the union committee has been formed and locals have been neglected. Chandan further said that if the committee headed by Anand Bihari Dubey is given recognition then we will launch massive protest.

It may be noted that Steel Strip Wheels Employees Union was formed headed by Rakeshwar Pandey and parallel a proposal for a new committee headed by Anand Bihari Dubey was proposed and the proposal was sent to the management. Now the local people and leaders are protesting against both the union.

Present on the occasion were Sunny Singh, Monu Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Aman Kumar, Deepu, Nitish Kumar, Prem Kumar, Abhijeet, Munna and locals in large numbers were present.

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