Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Akhilesh and Paramjit gangs clash in Sidhgora

Jamshedpur: Members of Akhilesh and Paramjit gangs clashed near Town Office in Sidhgora on Thursday. Two persons, identified as Rampukar Sharma and Abhishek, were injured in the incident.

Police said Abhishek had accused Sharma of assaulting him with a helmet near Town Office. Abhishek said he was on his way with his brother Ashu Chouhan and friend Ravi. He said he along with his brother and friend beat up Sharma in defence.

Meanwhile, Sharma alleged that he was assaulted and threatened by Abhishek. He said he was beaten up by Abhishek who allegedly flaunted a pistol.

He said the accused persons wanted to kill him in the way transporter Upendra Sharma was killed.

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