Tuesday, June 6, 2023

AJSU activists protest against rise in crime


Jamshedpur: AJSU party activists protested the rising attacks on traders in city. The activists said that the rising crime was a matter of concern and traders need to be provided with proper security.

Babar Khan said that East Singhbhum is fast developing due to it�s proximity with the mineral rich area. This has seen a massive influx of population from all over the country. This also brings in the bad and rogue elements with it. Law and order is becoming an issue of concern.

Nonetheless the rising cases of crime in the city have forced the people to raise voice against the detracting law and order situation for additional security arrangements.

Another functionary said that though SSP has tried to beef up the security arrangements in the city carried out arms checking drive at strategic locations but nothing substantial has come out of his initiatives.

Additional police force need to deploy in areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Pursudih which are prone to such activities.

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