Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat�s stall at book fair spreading Islamic teachings

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Jamshedpur, Nov 20: Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat has opened a stall at the ongoing Jamshedpur Book fair.

The purpose behind putting up a this stall is not to sell book with profit motive but to educate humanity with teaching of Islam which will facilitate brotherhood and word peace, said Javed Anwar, President of Jamat Ahmadiya.

�The uniqueness of this stall is that the holy Quran is available in Hindi, English, Urdu, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Tamil, Arabic, Kastur, Italian, German, and Russian language. The stall also has book on the life of prophet Mohammed in Hindi, Urdu and English.

Apart from these the stall also offers books on subject such as Islamic philosphy ,Fazayel Quran, jehad, Namaz and status of women�, he added.

The stall is being managed by Javed Anwar, Farooq Ahmed Molim and Razak Ahmed Molin with assistance from Md. Halim khan under the aegis of Ahmadiya community jamshedpur.

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