Thursday, May 26, 2022

ADLS School teachers attend Google’s digital safety awareness programme

Jamshedpur: “Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives”. Well the statement is so true in today’s fast pace life we have chosen “Ease of use over privacy” be it the use of net banking I ticket booking of railway, room booking, Darshan booking, you name it and digital world has it at your finger tips.

But with great ease of work, there is a greater risk of personal privacy at stake. The events happened in the recent is the burning example of privacy leak, be it Aadhar card information leak, facebook information leak.

Keeping all the above issues in mind the ADLS Sunshine School enrolled for digital safety awareness programs conducted by Google.

The curriculum is spread into four themes — being smart, being safe, being a digital citizen and being future ready.

44 teachers of the school took part in this initiative. As the awareness programs requirement was to transform the information to the students through the teachers. Few sessions was conducted by the computer science teachers to ensure uniformity for following the process of the program.

The process was simple and straight forward, once registered each individual teacher had used their personal Gmail accounts, using which the information regarding the digital safety along with the concerned videos on the measures of digital safety could be accessed, each teacher answered around 30 objective type questions.

After the successful completion of the above course, the teachers received a digitalized certificate from Google. In the coming days to follow, the teachers will be conducting the same course for the students of the school and for the approachable community too.

General Secretary of ADL Society, M. Ravi Kumar congratulated the teachers on the successful completion of the Digital Awareness course and he reaffirmed the schools’ participation in making the society free of digital crime. He told that as per the safety manual sent by ICSE Council it is mandatory for the students and each stakeholder of the school to be aware of the safety norms to be followed in the school.

He said that the teachers who have completed the course will help the students and the wider community to be aware of the cyber safety as they can enjoy the life only when they are safe.

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