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Aadhaar can be updated in ration card by January 10

Jamshedpur, Dec 31: Ration card holders of East Singhbhum district (excluding under-reservation area), who have not yet seeded their Aadhaar number of their family members (whose name is mentioned in the ration card), can sent a photocopy of the Aadhaar card by 10 January 2021. Attached with photo copy must ensure submission to the concerned PDS vendor.

In this regard, the District Supply Officer Rajiv Ranjan has directed all the PDS vendors to prepare a list of the Aadhaar card received from the ration card holders in the following form and submit the signed copy to the Block Officer of the respective block by 11 January 2021 So that the work of Aadhaar seeding can be done from the office level.

In case of non-deposit of Aadhaar card by the said due date, action will be taken to cancel the ration card of the concerned beneficiary, assuming the name of the beneficiary is fake and for this the concerned cardholder will be responsible for it. It has been informed by the Special Scheduling Officer, Naveen Kumar, that the ration card holders, who have not seeded the Aadhaar number of their family members (whose name is mentioned in the ration card), in their ration card, till 10.12.2020 and lastly till date 24.12. By 2020, information was issued in the past for submitting the Aadhaar card along with the photocopy of the ration card and submitting it to the concerned PDS vendor, in spite of this it is still found that ration cards are still being received by a large number of beneficiaries. In Aadhaar seeding has not been done.

Therefore, giving the ration card holders an opportunity again, they are finally informed that they will ensure to submit the Aadhaar card photocopy (including the photocopy of the ration card) to the PDS vendor in the respective area by 08 January 2021.

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