Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A sad tale of administrative apathy

Mail News Service

Jadugoda, Aug 22: Five monsoons ago the embankments of a lake in Baghdih village gave away during a spell of heavy showers and Rs 4 lakh worth of fish swam away causing enormous loss to pisciculturist Gour Chandra Mandal. He had mortgaged the family jewelry in lieu of a bank loan. He had applied for government for compensation but even after the journey of that file from the Block Office to the Deputy Commissioner�s table took five long years it continues to collect dust while Gour Chandra Mandal�s hopes to restart his pisciculture business continue to dwindle. The zest to start a good business in fish farming with the bank loan availed against jewelry mortgage went bust with the embankment of his lake giving away in 2015 during monsoon. This is but one sad commentary on administrative apathy.

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