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6 month diploma course of blood donor�s motivators concludes


Jamshedpur, June 15: On the occasion of World Blood Donor�s Day, Voluntary Blood Donors Association (VBDA) of Jharkhand organized the Concluding ceremony of 6 Month Diploma Course of Blood Donor�s Motivators.

The association conducted the valedictory ceremony of the diploma course for the local youths. The 2nd Batch of the Diploma Course began on 12th January 2015 held in association with the Jamshedpur Blood Bank. Altogether 22 participants, including as many as 12 female candidates took this training.

Arunabha Chattopadhyay from Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, West Bengal came all along from Kolkata to address the outgoing batch on the valedictory day.

Though it formally ended today, the course will continue for another two months for Project work. In his address, Sunil Mukherjee, President, VBDA, Jharkhand introduced Arunabha Chattopadhyay as the relentless fighter of last 40 years for promoting and securing safe blood donation, which took the shape of a movement.

He remembered VBDAs long association with the person and his organisation. In his Key Note Address, Chattopadhyay thanked VBDA for its tireless efforts and efficient management for safe blood transfusion service. Addressing the students he said, �Our principles stand on four pillars � Education about blood and various technicalities involved with it, Motivation for Blood Donation, Execution of Donation and Recognition of Blood donors.�

He stressed that Education is of prime importance and that is why a structured course is launched. From his own experience he pointed out that many of the trainees have developed themselves as good camp organisers, some are good teachers while some others have become good organisors.

His message to the outgoing students was, �I am sure that you won�t remember each and every word or details of what you have been taught, but don�t worry. Just keep in mind the classical definition �Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he had learnt�.

He said that the main objective of the course is to develop second generation cadres with commitment to VBDA ideology, skill-building for motivating others to donate and enable them to take social services as their profession. Tendering the Vote of thanks, Mr. Ashish Majumdar, the General Secretary, VBDA, said we are thankful to Jamshedpur Blood Bank, who has not only allowed us to conduct the training programme in their premises but also helped us in all respect.

Each year this day is celebrated to raise awareness of the need for safe�blood�. This day is also observed to thank�voluntary blood donors�for their life-saving gifts of blood.

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