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48-hour JSSU Jharkhand bandh call partially impacts Jamshedpur on day one

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Jamshedpur: The 48-hour bandh call given by the Jharkhand State Students Union (JSSU) in protest against the state’s employment policy had a partial impact in the Kolhan region on its first day. While some areas experienced disruptions and closures, overall daily activities continued with reduced intensity.

The JSSU had called for the bandh, urging students and citizens to support their cause and demand a reconsideration of the state’s employment policy. According to the union, the current policy has led to a lack of job opportunities for local residents, particularly students who have recently graduated. The JSSU claims that the policy favors outsiders over Jharkhand’s own youth.

The JSSU activists are protesting the 60-40 ratio in the recently-declared employment policy of the JMM-led Hemant Soren government, claiming it to cast a pale of gloom on the employment prospect of the local students.

On the first day of the bandh, several shops, commercial establishments, and educational institutions remained closed in some parts of Kolhan. Road blockades were reported in certain areas, causing inconvenience to commuters. Public transportation services, including buses and taxis, were affected as a result of the bandh.

However, it was observed that essential services such as hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency services were functioning without significant disruption. Some government offices also remained open, albeit with reduced staff due to the bandh call.

The local administration had taken preventive measures to maintain law and order during the bandh. Additional police personnel were deployed to ensure the safety of citizens and to deter any untoward incidents. Police checkpoints were set up at strategic locations to monitor the situation closely.

While the bandh evoked a partial impact on the first day, it remains to be seen how the situation will develop over the next 24 hours. The JSSU has expressed its determination to intensify the protest if their demands are not addressed promptly by the state government.

The state government has not released an official statement regarding the bandh yet. However, officials have assured that the concerns raised by the JSSU will be duly considered, and a constructive dialogue will be initiated to address the issue of employment opportunities in the state.

The JSSU has urged the public to extend their support and participate in the bandh, emphasizing the importance of their collective voice in bringing about a change in the state’s employment policy. As the bandh enters its second day, residents of Kolhan remain divided on the effectiveness and impact of the protest, with many hoping for a swift resolution to the ongoing issue.

The bandh protagonists have threatened intense agitation in the event if the government does not pay heed to their demands.

While life in the twin districts of Singhbhum remained more or less normal, the impact of the bandh was moderately high in the adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district.

Though a majority of shops and business establishments remained operational in Kolhan, the public transport system was paralysed, causing immense difficulties to the commuters.

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