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20 Tayo workers injured in police lathi charge, workers wow to fight back

Jamshedpur, Sept. 23 : About 20 workers of Tayo Rolls Ltd in Gamharia in the adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawandistrict, were injured after police resorted to lathi charge on Friday late night against protesters who were on indefinite strike demanding regularisation.

The strike that started on Thursday took ugly turn on Friday when SDO SeraikelaSandeepDubey reached the site and tried to persuade the protesters to give up their agitation when the workers refused to budge the police started wielding sticks on the workers. As the police jawans hit the workers.

Under the banner of, TayoShangharshSamity, the workers raised slogans as the police personnel posted tried to move the protesters away from the company gate.

An official of TayoSangharshSamiti said that they are also demanding the salaries to 283 employees whom the company has not paid since the past 11 months.

The Tayo Rolls Ltd has stopped production since August 2016 as the company was incurring huge loss since the past five years. The company had offered VRS and VSS for its about 800 staff, 400 of them were in the officers category. While over 550, including officers opted for the schemes, 283 workers preferred to remain on the company. The 283 workers who did not opt for the VRS or VSS use to go to the company regularly and punch their duty card as usual.

SDO SeraikelaSandeepDubey said the police only used light force to persuade the workjers to end the strike. He also claimed that two policemen have also been injured as the workers turned violent.

Ajay Kumar Sharma of TayoSangharshSamiti said that the workers are demanding resumption of production and payment of their pending salary. They will continue to fight for their demands.

Tayo Rolls, an associate company of Tata Steel has been literally closed in phases since 2016. The company’s case is now pending with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for revival.

There were about 700 employees, including over 220 officers. Though company has suspended its operation since May last year and most of the employees have taken their final settlements, 286 employees continues to attend their duty.

Such employees who aspire the company management to restart the production used to work in three shifts, but as the production is suspended, all these 286 employees had been clubbed together to report for their duty in the A – shift only.


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