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16 fellows to work on the theme Rural Nutrition

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Jamshedpur, June 29: Tarapore School, in association with XLRI has instituted the Young Leaders Fellowship Progarmme for students from classes X to XII of all schools in Jamshedpur. 

On 29th of June, the second batch of 16 fellows of the programme attended an Orientation at Tarapore School. This was planned to give them an idea of what the next four months were going to entail. The morning began with the principal Amy H. Billimoria�s address which was followed by a song shared with candles which signified the sharing of knowledge.

The parents and students were explained the selection process where they were told that over 200 applicants had applied for the programme and 16 had been selected, through three rigorous rounds.

The participants then received kits from the Chairman with a fellowship diary, t-shirts, pen drives and other things that would be required over the course of the programme. 

The students were greeted by the Tarapore Schools Chairman, Bailey Bodhanwala, Prof.  Manish Singhal and Dr. Pingali Venugopal, Chairperson, International Relations. 

The gathering was addressed by the Chairman who spoke about the objectives of the programme which is to learn to share and help the underprivileged which would give them more satisfaction than any report card.

Prof. Manish Singhal also addressed the gathering, telling them about the importance of looking beyond oneself and associating themselves with the world, as part of their own identity.

Thereafter the students were informed of the expectations of them as Fellows.

The theme for the year � Rural Nutrition was revealed to the students along with facts and figures about the topic.

The students will now work on this theme for the next four months trying to identify an existing problem and implement a solution. 

Once the theme was revealed, the programme coordinator, Tina Bodhanwala Sood explained the programme structure to the students, which is based on the design thinking process , giving them a taste of what the next few months would be like.

At the end, the students of the SIGMA team of XLRI, who will be working closely with these students, planned an ice breaker for the fellows which helped them make friends instantly.

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