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1200 practicing lawyers go on strike, protest against staff Ďhighhandednessí

Jamshedpur , March 24 : Over 1200 practicing lawyers of Jamshedpur Bar Association went on a two-day strike after a decision was in this regard at a general body meeting at the bar association hall.

Jamshedpur Bar Association secretary Anil Tiwary said that the decision of pen-down strike was taken to show protest against the highhandedness of the staff of the Jamshedpur civil court. All the lawyers were unanimous on the two-day strike which might be extended if our demands are not met.

ď We will have a meeting with the principal district judge of the Jamshedpur Civil Court D B Mangalmurthy over this matter,Ē noted Tiwary.

According to information, over 1000 litigants frequent the Jamshedpur civil court on an average daily. Some of the demands raised by the lawyers include, records of the cases should be kept in the court room on the date fixed for the same, the dates for the cases should be fixed once in a month, the demand of gratification by the civil court staff should be stopped, cause list should be made available on daily basis, certified copies should be made available in time particularly the urgent copy within one day.

An official, when asked, said though they are seeking extra security from the police and administration, but the lawyers fraternity has some responsibility keeping the civil court premises free from criminal elements.
Another official of the association demanded that the local police should also carry on surprise inspection at the court premises after 5 pm.

Meanwhile, though today also most of the lawyers came to the civil court premises, but did not go to the chamber at the Bar association building and instead remain outside the bar building in groups.

On the other hand, several litigants,were disappointed as they had to returned without appearing on his court date.

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