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10 MVA transformer burnt in Kadma, 3 lakh people faces power crisis

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Jamshedpur: Residents of Kadma and Sonari are reeling under severe power crisis for past two days following disruption of power supply from Jharkhand Urja Vikas Nigam Limited ‘s( JUVNL) Uliyan sub-station in Kadma.

Power supply was severely affected from that sub-station after a new transformer of 10 MVAwas burnt soon after its installation on Saturday morning.

A population of around 3 lakh in Kadma and Sonari was affected due to the disruption in power supply.

An official of JUVNL, Sunil Kumar said that the power sub-station based at Uliyan in Kadma tripped after failure of the newly installed transformer, resulting in acute power crisis.

The Adityapur industrial area in adjoining SeraikelaKharsawan district also had to bear the brunt of the
power crisis. Sources in industrial area said that several tiny, small and medium scale unitscould not operate due to the power crisis.

The worst hits were industrial units at Adityapur and Gamharia, which are dependent on JUVNL.

Most of the industries were unable to meet their schedules due to erratic power supply . Sources revealed that the power supply was also restricted from the Central Load Despatch ( CLD) in Ranchi.

The power grid sub-stations at Gamharia and Golmuri, which caters to Singhbhum region was getting short supply from the CLD.

” The situation is getting worse with each passing day. The years old electricity wires and poles are in abject condition with incident of power cuts being taking place frequently in summer,” informed, Mahesh Patel, resident of Mango.

The Gamharia-based grid sub-station is getting 35 MW against a normal supply of 60 MW. ” We’ve requested the central sector to increase the power supply to cope up with the present crisis,” said the

Subscribers in various JUVNL command areas including the four places had to confront with problems of intermittent power cuts and compulsory load shedding.

Normal life was affected in several JUVNL controlled areas including the Adityapur industrial area which was the worst affected as a majority of the small and medium scale units, which depends on JUVNL power could not undertake any production activity.

Residents at the Dimna Road in Mango complained that due to the power crisis they could not fetch water
from the borings.

” We could not operate the water pump in the absence of power. We do not have any generator facility,” said A Singh, a resident of Madhusudan Complex at Dimna Road in Mango.

Notably, this was the second time in the past one week the power supply was affected in the noncompany
areas. Earlier, this week power supply got disrupted at several places due to the incessant rains.

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