Sunday, October 17, 2021

Young Producers are enchanted towards Jharkhand Film Policy

New Delhi, Nov. 18: Whenever we recall our film industry Bollywood and South Indian movies start flashing in our memory.

With the changing time other States has equally grown to a greater extent. They make films but because of funds crunch, they are not able to promote their art and creativity.

In lieu of this Jharkhand Govt. has come up and boosted our young and fresh film producers want to come and show that there is no dearth of creativity and glamour in Jharkhand cinemas. The objective to bring this medium across globe. Govt. has been benign enough to promote and motivate young film producers .

Jharkhand Film policy is a new and one of the greatest moves towards Jharkhand Cinemas. And this is fact is attracting lot of entrepreneurs to visit the pavilion.

Prabhat Mishra – Public Relation Officer, Jharkhand Govt. “believes that once the cinema industry given boost to make film without thinking about the funds we will come out with flying colors.

We will have the best films. The recent example can be taken of Niraj Pandey’s film MS Dhoni which proved to be block buster at theatres. As they our full support, fresh film producers can expect the same support.

“ He not only announced the funds of 2 crores that would be given to producers but also if they shoot within the city, they would be given 50 lakhs.

Technical committee would form of popular and knowledgeable people who has been in the films and has sound knowledge of films like Manoj Tiwari (Actor & Politician), Payal Kashyap, Steffie Teresa Murmu and Dr Neha Tiwari. Dr Dk Tiwari Principal Resident Commissioner Jharkhand Bhawan appreciated the initiates of the pavilion.

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