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Yi Swachh Bharat Team adopts a street behind Carmel Junior college

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Jamshedpur, Oct 1: Young Indians Jharkhand chapter launched a “Adopt�a�Street” campaign on�Thursday, October 1 behind Carmel Junior college, Sonari under its Swachh Bharat project.

This initiative was under the guidance and co-operation of Tata Steel Urban Services with support of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee, Sakchi.

The basic principle behind making this a yearlong initiative is because Yi doesn�t want to start�and end the�activity on the same day. Thus adopting�a�street�for�a�year, Yi are taking the responsibility to bring awareness to keep the street (area) clean and keep it litter free in regular intervals of time.�

The Whole idea behind this drive is to create awareness in the citizens to dispose the garbage in the bin. The littered waste rots outside the bin and thus invites stench and filth. Yi Jharkhand is very enthused about this drive as it gives an opportunity to fulfill the mission of �Sanitizing and Sensitizing India�.

In view of adopt a street mission, this is just a beginning and hopes to create awareness towards cleanliness and Sanitization in an effective manner. �

Through this campaign, Young Indians �aim is to educate the residents, business owners�and building management so that hopefully we can get everybody working together to do their part. Our�streets�are�an important part of the City’s infrastructure.

They�are our means of transport�and connect us to many places whether we walk, drive, bike, or ride public transit. We�are responsible for maintaining�and ensuring that our roads�are clean, safe,�accessible�and enjoyable.

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