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XLRI�s �Jamshedpur Run� on August 27

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Jamshedpur, Aug. 25 : XLRI Jamshedpur will be the host of the 8th edition of �Jamshedpur Run� scheduled on August 27. The Jamshedpur Run is a mini-marathon which brings together the entire city.

The run kicks off from the XLRI campus and passes through Jubilee Park and other locations. College students, professors, trainee athletes, professionals, dignitaries along with members of the XLRI family unite in this run and the event spreads a feeling of joy and happiness among all.

The event is being organised by CII-Yi, XLRI and Ensemble-Valhalla, the fest organizing team of XLRI this year.

The theme of the event will be �Run For JSR�, an invitation to everyone who aspires to work for the development and well-being of Jamshedpur. The theme stems from the inner enthusiasm and spirit that each resident at the �Steel City� possesses.

This run is devoted to motivating each and every one of us to contribute towards the growth of the city.

The event would comprise two different runs. One will be a longer version having a track length of 10 km for professional runners, athletes and running enthusiasts.

The other will be a shorter version with a track length of 5 km, for everybody else who might not be regulars but are not short of enthusiasm in any way. The reporting time for the race is at 5:45 am sharp.

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