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XLRI study finds 33% city residents shop online; govt. website unfriendly

Jamshedpur, Feb. 23: A survey conducted by Marketing Association of XLRI (MAXI) showed that 33 percent of the people in Jamshedpur do online shopping against the national average of just 0.8 per cent. The most preferred shopping segment is apparel and electronics.

It also found that 46 % of the citizens of the steel city prefer movie as their favorite leisure avenue and the older people prefer social clubs.

Sanjeev Varshney, faculty member at XLRI and founder of the behavioral research lab, said the research carried out by the prospective managers during the annual MAXI Fair, held in the college campus from January 15 to 17, 2016 found that Chinese food is the most preferred cuisine followed by south Indian and north Indian dishes.

In terms of fitness, jogging and walking, playing sports and gym are the most preferred form of workout by steel city residents. About 41 % people prefer Jogging and walking and around a fourth of the population in Jamshedpur is involved in playing sports.

He further informed that the survey, carried on 3500 respondents out of the 7000 that visited MAXI fair, concludes that only 364 people out of 1000 prefer online service to avail government schemes in comparison to the national average of 770. Only 1.5 percent households in Jharkhand possess computers with broadband access as against the national average of 3.1 percent.

The reason behind online users lackluster response to the online facilities of the government is because the portals are heavily crowded and they carry lengthy text, besides the websites lack clarity.

The e-services for availing Adhar card, PAN card, passport, among other important government documents, were mentioned by the respondents as painstaking. The Indian passport website is very complicated against the US, which is very simple.

�The findings of the survey will be submitted to the state government for improvisation in the online facilities designed for the people,� said Prof. Sanjeev Varshney.

The survey further stated that personal care expenditure is high amongst Socio-Economic Class (SEC) A and women above age of 50 years. Men and women in Jamshedpur have similar levels of expenditure on personal care.

Awareness of e-services is just around 50 percent, but the satisfaction level is 75 per cent.

Varshney said the objective of the study was to understand the preferences of the citizens of Jamshedpur in terms of entertainment, fitness, personal care, satisfaction, shopping and dining. The segmentation was done based on age, gender, area of residence and SEC.

He informed that from next year onwards we will look into customer satisfaction index. �In India there is no customer satisfaction index, while in Singapore they include 16 services and South Africa includes 22 services taking into account customer satisfaction index. A country like Bhutan also has a Happiness Index�, added Varshney.

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