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XLRI : Kshitij brings hidden talent of children


Jamshedpur : The campus of XLRI bore a look of festivity and merriment today as around 600 young kids from 15 different schools, engaged in a multitude of activities. The event was Kshitij, the annual cultural fest for school children, organized by the CII Yi XLRI. Kshitij is a part of the Joy of Giving Week of XLRI and is the flagship event of the CII Yi club of the college.
The event kick started on 2nd October 2 and saw participation from a large number of young enthusiasts. The event prides itself for providing a platform to those children and students of the steel city who are underprivileged. The event gives these children an opportunity to display their talents and gain accolades and awards.

Serving the society forms one of the core values of XLRI and the college lays considerable amount of emphasis on serving those who are needy and Kshitij is one such event which fulfils this particular mission of the college.

The event is more than just a cultural event. Rather, it is more of a quest for talent, knowledge, culture and creativity among those children who are either not blessed with such an opportunity normally or who are not able to get recognition at this scale earlier.
Kshitij and CII Yi attempt to bring together children from all strata of the society together on a common platform and provides with them equal opportunities.

This year too, the event had a number of competitions lined up for these children. Competitions like dancing (for junior and senior levels), painting, quiz, play, picture story and talent show saw huge participation from the students. Each of these events had prizes and certificates for the winners.

Schools like AIWC, ABS Ram Mandir, JPS, St. Josephs, Gyan Deep and others won many events.
The event also offered the kids with a number of goodies, making the day extremely eventful for them. Like every year, students from both the batches of XLRI acted as volunteers and guides for these students and took charge of lunch and conveyance duties. The main sponsor of the event was Tinplate Company of India Ltd.
What made Kshitij a memorable event was the discovery of exceptional talents among these kids during the various competitions. While some brought pictures to life with their painting skills, others set the stage on fire with their dancing and dramatic skills.

The event, which invokes huge amount of emotional in the denizens of the city, saw a huge crowd cheering these kids.
Overall, the event ended on a successful note and succeeded in its dual mission of not only providing a platform to underprivileged children to showcase their talents but also in helping bring a smile on their faces.

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