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XLRI Jamshedpur: Unity Small Finance Bank gets scheduled bank status, download the bank and not the app

CEO Inderjit Camotra addresses CXO Session

Jamshedpur, Dec 3: XLRI PGDM(GM) hosted CXO Session with Inderjit Camotra, managing director & CEO of Unity Small Finance Bank. 

Camotra started the session by sharing his thoughts on the banking industry and the mission and vision of Unity small finance bank.  He shared the thought process behind the log of the bank – “U” denotes the conviction of ‘one’ and the horizontal lines weaved with the letter U symbolize people holding hands together. The symbol shows the people-centric approach of people in the bank. He also shared his thoughts that in the long term, he wants Unity to become a Fintech company supported by a banking system. 

He also shared that Unity is on the path to become India’s first truly digital bank. The speaker also spoke about the management who had a great experience in the banking industry; this was in one kind of differentiation from any other bank in this category.  Inderjit also discussed the issues today a fintech company faces and how they found ways to fulfill these gaps and worked on the development of Unity. He also mentioned that in 2022 Unity finance bank got the title of a “Scheduled Bank” and there are approx. 37 banks in India and it was challenging for them to find a correct set of audience and get the license from RBI. 

He showed how Unity has the best of the talents who have worked on the technology aspect to bring the complete bank into the palm of the customer, which gave birth to the statement – “Download the bank and not the app”. 

The speaker then opened the house for questions and made the session interactive. He answered a few questions from the batch regarding the challenge of cyber security, he mentioned how they have a technology team working continuously on it. He also responded to questions related to the current market scenario and the repo rate, how Unity plans to thrive in such conditions. He was also asked about the strategy of Unity small finance bank in competition with digital financing applications and big giant banking houses of India. He also shared his views on e-rupee.

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