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XLRI conducts ‘Daan Utsav’, spreads message of joy of giving


Jamshedpur : XLRI conducted ‘Daan Utsav’ to spreads message of joy of giving. Daan Utsav (formerly known as The Joy of Giving Week) is a public “festival of philanthropy”, which was launched across India in 2009, to celebrate and promote various acts of giving – money, time, resources and skills.

It is celebrated every year starting from Gandhi Jayanti, October 2nd in more than 70 cities, and has engaged more than a million of individuals, spanning the industries, schools and colleges, NGO and government sector and general public.

At XLRI Jamshedpur, the students and faculty of XLRI anchor and support this festival for the steel city of Jamshedpur as the “Joy of Giving Week: Jamshedpur Joy Fest” since its inception.

A number of events have already been organized across the city to celebrate during this week. The Jamshedpur XL fraternity invited donations for material resources, including wearable (clean and complete) clothes, Un-used but Usable Medicines, dry ration (rice, lintels etc.), other day-today utility items like mirrors, shoes, bedsheets etc and study materials like books, pencils, pens, notebooks for the lesser privileged sections of the society.

XLRI alumni from across the city collected these utility items and met at the MDP Residence to donate them on 13th October. Post this, the Alumni Chapter met to discuss how the scale of the Daan Utsav can be enlarged during the XL Homecoming scheduled in early November.

The campus committee Sigma, is already campaigning to raise sponsorship for the education of underprivileged students associated with the organizations, Jeevika and the Jharkhand Tribal Foundation.

Through the Beneficiary-Benefactor initiative, Sigma intends to raise close to 2 lakh rupees for ensuring a bright future for these students. Till now they have received contributions of close to 20, 000 rupees and hope to raise the remaining amount through the generous donations from their alumni during the XLRI Homecoming ceremony.

SIGMA is a society of a group of budding future corporate managers at XLRI, who consider it their duty to work for the community. The society provides solutions to certain problems or suggests appropriate ideas in the issues concerning the community development.

The main aim of the group is to help social institutions like NGOs formulate effective fund-raising strategies, develop new programmes, curtail expenses and perform better.

In essence, it works on projects for building sustainable business models for NGOs and Small-Medium scale enterprises (SMEs). XLRI is the country’s premier management institute and has been consistently ranked among the top B-schools, alongside the IIMs.

The college is one of the most preferred destinations for those wishing to learn the ropes of management.

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