Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Workshop on �Skills for Adolescence� for teachers concludes

Jamshedpur: The 17th three day long teachers� training workshop titled �Lions Quest: Skills for Adolescence� concluded at the. Nature Education Centre in which thirty three teachers from twelve high schools attended.

The valedictory session was attended by APR Nair, chairman, Kerala Public School Trust and Rotarian Ronald D� Costa, past Rotary international governor.

D� Costa elaborated the present scenario and the challenges being faced by the students today. �Today the youths are in stress and disoriented and one needs to make changes in their life so that the they can live happily. The influence of family, peers and school guide their life ahead and the teacher role should be to make a difference in their life. The problem of class III students is quite different from those of Class VII. Students today are very talented and given an opportunity they can do miracles,� he said.

The guests appreciated the Lions Club members especially Rajnish Kumar for his devotion and commitment to the cause of the adolescents. Rotary International has always been supporting the Lions Clubs International because the Lions Quest which they are having, Rotary does not have such programme.

Nair narrated his experience and how few teachers have moulded his life and thinking, when was students. He appreciated the SFA Curriculum as it covers the parents, teachers and takes a holistic approach towards positive development and how it has impacted the students of Kerala Samajam Model School where Skills For Adolescence Programme have been implemented since 200. He said the programme has brought lot many changes in attitude of the students as well as of the teachers. Their success has prompted them to initiate SFA programme in all the branches of Kerala Public Schools Trusts.

The chief guest also spoke on the role of parents and lack of communication amongst parents and teachers and also as well between the parents and their child. They have released 18 teachers from KPS group of schools though the school is on. Missing so many teachers from the school will no doubt create problem in smooth conduct of the classes but they were also very keen not to miss this opportunity of sending their teachers for this workshop which is generally organized annually.

Rajnish Kumar, second vice district governor (elect) and coordinator, Lions Quest conducted the valedictory session in which Archana Pramod of Loyola School, Sana Yasmin Mirza of DBMS Kadma School, Ranita Karmakar of Little Flower School, Vaishali Banerjee of Kerala Public School, Kadma, Purnima Tripathy of Motilal Nehru Public School, Leeba Shibhu George of Kerala Samajam Model School and Sanjeev Kumar Jha of Jamshedpur Public School, AIWC, shared their feedback on the workshop and importance and usefulness of Lions Quest Programme for today�s adolescent.

The workshop, almost all participants felt, made them realize their goal both as a teacher and as well as a parent. They said that they had become more familiar and conscious with the feelings and sentiments of today�s adolescents which will help them understand them better and build a cordial relationship with the students more as a friend and counselor rather than just a teacher.

Ratna Choudhry, International Senior Trainer, Lions Quest and the resource person for the workshop found the group of teachers to be very participative and hope that students will be able to get access over the SFA programme into their schools. She extended her help in conducting parent�s teacher meeting as well as helping them to take classes so that students are made to enjoy the study along with developing their different skills.

All the participants were awarded the international certificate and group photograph by the distinguished guests. Lions assured their full cooperation to the teachers and the school management for the success of Skills for Adolescence programme.

Pawan Marwah proposed a vote of thanks. The programme was attended by members of various Lion Clubs.

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