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Workshop on �Integrated Treatment in Autism� at TMH today


Jamshedpur, April 7: Tata Main Hospital through its department of Psychiatry is conducting workshop on Integrated Treatment in Autism on April 8.

A team from Deepshikha Institute for Child Development and Mental Health, Ranchi, comprising of a psychologist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a special educator under the leadership of Dr Alka Nizamie will be conducting the workshop.

Dr Alka Nizamie is an eminent name in the field of developmental disability with 27 years of experience. She has received the best professional award from Indian Psychology Association and National Trust. The event will be attended by teachers from special schools and parents of children with autism.

Ruchi Narendran will be the chief guest on the occasion, while Srimanti Sen, Jolly Bhaskarna and Radha Tripathi will also grace the occasion with their presence.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that typically occurs in the first three years of life. It causes impairment or disturbance in three main areas – social skills, communicative (verbal as well as non-verbal) skills and in their repetitive and restricted behaviors.

Autistic individuals may show abnormal responses to sensations. Any one or more of the senses may be affected. All these difficulties manifest themselves in behavior i.e. abnormal ways of relating to people, objects and events in the environment.

Autism is not a rare disorder, being the third most common developmental disorder; typically, about 20 in a population of 10,000 people will be autistic or have autistic symptoms.

About 80 percent of those affected by autism are boys. Autism is found throughout the world, in families of all economic, social and racial backgrounds.

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