Saturday, September 23, 2023

Won’t be easy to pierce Jamshedpur FC’s defense: FC Pune City Coach Ranko Popovic

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Jamshedpur: FC Pune City Coach Ranko Popovic on Saturday said that it won’t be easy for his side to score against Jamshedpur FC as they have the best defense in the league.
The Serbian spoke highly of Jamshedpur’s defensive organisation. “In my opinion, they are the best organised team in terms of defense. They haven’t conceded a goal yet and it won’t be easy for us either but we’ll try to score and that is the challenge. I’m really excited about the game tomorrow,” he said.

Commenting on the pitch at Jamshedpur which was a cause of concern last time, Popovic said, that can’t be an excuse. “We have to get on with the game. I hope it’s better as people are working hard day and night to make the surface playable and ” When asked if playing away from home tomorrow will be a disadvantage for his team, he replied, “Jamshedpur FC will go to play their away games and will have to face the same. We can’t use that an as excuse. Jamshedpur has the best footballing academy in the India and we have a couple of players in our side from the TFA. People love football here,” he added.

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