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Women participate in Tulsi puja at Dharma Saastha Temple


Jamshedpur, Feb. 3: The pujas and havans were conducted with usual sacred chantings and offerings at the Uttara Sabarimala Dharma Sastha Temple on Friday.

The day’s puja started with havan for Lord Ganesh and 3 nos kalash sthapana was done. Later on Sri Sukta Pooja, Jap and havan were conducted. Hundreds of women of the community also participated in Tulsi puja organized at the temple. After all the pujas and havans kalash abhishek was performed to Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik and Lord Dharma Saastha.

After this, Shringar was done to all the three deities and Maha Arati was shown. Thousands devotees who witnessed the entire programme were offered prashad by the managing committee members. The pujas and the havan were conducted under the guidance of chief priest, Vijay Bhanu and performed by P N Sankaran, Working President of Dharma Saastha Temple.

In the evening, after Maha Arati, Vidya Kalyana Raman, rendered carnatic classical songs which enthralled the audience. She was accompanied by B Anantha Raman on Violin and S J Arjun Ganesh on Mridangam.

K S Jayaraman, Hony Secretary, B S Subramanian, Kasi Vishwanathan, S S Sharma (Raja), S Srinivasan (Cheenu), S Shiv Kumar, Joint Secretaries and A S Visweswaran, Hony Treasurer, S Ramesh, B Visweswaran, P Rajesh, B V Rajan, J Suresh, K S Venkatachalam, were active in making arrangements for the pujas and the havan.

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