Sunday, December 3, 2023

No windfall for Jharkhand: A strong wind of change need of the hour

Amit Tiwari

With less than five months to go for its 14th foundation anniversary, Jharkhand state may well be put into the prime of its adolescence as it forges ahead struggling with many challenges and drifting on clouds of aspirations of the people.

Like every adolescent, the state too, is passing through a stage of transition from tender years towards maturity, though yet too far a destination.

With so much to be done in little time to stay ahead and get counted on the national map, the state needs to put up with the pressure being exerted by the people who are desperate to see the change happening.

The people who were exulting to get a new state are now calling the leaders of the state to put in an all-out effort to meet their expectations and push Jharkhand onto the development track.

The development in the recent years have no doubt shown the way ahead to the state. But the herculean task of removing the tag of under-developed or developing state has yet to be completed.

Changing regimes in the Capital have understood it very well that the politics of Jharkhand will essentially have to give an answer to the basic problems of the people.

The state is reeling under an unprecedented power and water crisis. Recent developments have created news on Jharkhand for ignominious reasons. People and political activists taking to streets for electricity and water speaks volumes of how the state is still limping its way forward. With this pace, it is hard to imagine Jharkhand on the world map in next decade or two.

But there is a silver lining in the clouds giving hopes to the people. The recent Lok Sabha elections have proved more than on any other occasion that the voters of India can turn governments out of its favour if they fail to perform.

It was not just Narendra Modi�s effect that uprooted many political stalwarts in its spate. It was the deep-rooted anger and dissatisfaction in the people who could no longer tolerate the goings-on.

Finally it was all over for the UPA regime whose leaders are still huddled together to find reason for the disastrous debacle. The same situation lies ahead for the state leaders many of who have begun the exercise before the Jharkhand Assembly elections. Local leaders have well understood the strength of a thumb expression. No matter how deep rooted a tree may be, it can always fall to the mighty winds.

Jharkhand too, needs a mighty wind of change that may put it on the world map and rid the people of the basic problems pertaining to electricity, water, health, education, public utility like roads, public distribution system and many other important issues.

For seasoned leaders like Yashwant Sinha and Arjun Munda, sensing the feelings of the people was not difficult in the aftermath of the Lok Sabha polls. As a result, a statewide campaign for power and water was launched. Other parties like Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and All Jharkhand Students Union too are agitating on these issues. Congress leaders are working out ways to expedite development projects in time and make full utilization of Central funds.

This is a good sign for a state like Jharkhand which needs a united political front which may bargain for the bright future of the state with the Central government, international companies and neigbouring states by dint of its strong willpower.

And as they say nothing is impossible for a willing soul and a determined mind. All the best for Jharkhand leaders and its people in their pursuit of public welfare!

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