Saturday, December 2, 2023

Widow with bone cancer gets new lease of life

Jamshedpur, March 30: Social Organisation ‘Jeevan Dayini’ helped a widow Kamli Devi of Birsanagar, suffering from bone cancer, successfully operated.

The victim’s family members left her after they found that she is suffering from cancer. This incident had left her in the lurch and with family and financial issues, Kamli was awaiting her death.

The members of the ‘Jeevan Dayini’ when came to know about the widow, they accepted the challenge and with two months of tireless effort and with the support of Jharkhand government and Tata Main Hospital they helped conduct a successful operation.

Members of the ‘Jeevan Dayini’ celebrated after the women got a new lease of life.

The members of the organisation Rani Mahato, Jitendra Tiwary, Praveen Singh, Sweta Kumari, Ravi Gorai, Vikas Sahani, Bittu, Manali, Shatrughan, Rekha Singh and Nivedita played a vital role.

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