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WICB vice president blasts Sammy’s comments as ‘demeaning, insulting’

Roseau (Dominica), April 6 (IANS) West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)vice president Emmanuel Nanthan on Tuesday launched a major broadside against Darren Sammy, 48 hours after he led the West Indies into the history books by becoming the first team to capture the T20 World Cup twice.

Nanthan has blasted as “irrelevant, demeaning, insulting and unfortunate” the comments Sammy made after the West Indies pulled off a stunning four-wicket victory over England to seal the title, reports CMC.

Sammy courted controversy when he hit out at the WICB for its lack of support and praised Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell and Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom) for messages of support which inspired his team.

“So to try to make it look like the board was inefficient in any way is rather unfortunate,? Nanthan said on Tuesday.

“To spoil what was a tremendous achievements for the Caribbean civilization with comments that are totally irrelevant and demeaning and insulting to the Caribbean people. I believe was rather unfortunate.”

Sammy’s comments were also made against the backdrop of the players’ contracts dispute with the WICB prior to the start of the tournament back in February, which threatened the side’s participation.

Sammy acted as the players’ representative during the brief impasse and while he assured the Caribbean then that the West Indies would commit to playing the tournament, he also hinted that the issues were far from settled.

The WICB vice president also took issue with the players for complaining about a reduction in their fee structure for the World Cup while not disclosing increases in fees for the regional competition.

“So the players complained that for the world Cup their fees went down maybe by 20,000 or there abouts. But they did not say that the week before they got the World Cup contract all of them signed contracts for the regional competition where their fees went up by 80,000, 140,000, 145,000, and 75,000. They did not say that,” said Nanthan.

“But they are saying that they had a loss of 20,000 each on the World Cup. The World Cup is every other year. Our regional competition is every year. So really and truly they were making noise for losing 20,000 (dollars) on one side but gaining 150,000 or 280,000 (dollars) in some instances on the other hand and never ever said that to anybody”.

On Sunday, Sammy also praised newly installed manager Rawl Lewis, who he said went to extraordinary lengths to solve a uniform problem during the pre-tournament camp in Dubai.

But Nanthan has dismissed Sammy’s comments on this issue as misleading, blaming the impasse for the delay in printing numbers on the uniforms.

“The date was coming, the players had not consented to go to play so the company delivered the uniforms without the numbers of them because we were not sure which players we going to play,” he said.

“So when the logistic officer left the Caribbean for Dubai he had a ticket in his hands to go to pick up the uniforms in Calcutta, put the numbers on them and carry them himself to the team well in advance of the World Cup.”

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