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�Why Me?� shoot wraps up, Kolkata artistes, crew bowled over by Jamshedpur grandeur

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Jamshedpur, June 2: The shooting for story writer and director Indrani Singh�s advent into the celluloid world through her vehicle, �Why Me?� concluded yesterday, June 1, after three days of hectic schedule. The Avenue Mail caught up with the cast and crew of this ambitious English short film for a brief tete-a-tete after the final �pack up� call was given.

Director Indrani Singh.

The technical team headed by redoubtable Tathagata Bhattacherjee and the artistes never made me feel as a first timer wielding the megaphone. The entire team helped me to translate the thought behind my concept exactly as I had wanted to.

Technical Consultant Tathagata Bhattacherjee (Kolkata)

I was highly impressed by Indraniji�s concept. It was an entirely different narrative on the age old pestilences of domestic violence and women�s torture. I got together experts in their respective domains. The entire team has done a fantastic job on the subject. This venture is bound to come good and captivate audiences world over at various national and international short film fests.

Cinematographer Chinmoy Das (Kolkata)

My association with various categories of films is nearly three decades old. I have had the educative pleasure of working with big and not-so-big directors. Moreover, this is not my first visit to beautiful Jamshedpur and its beautiful people. The pre and post shot discussions with director Indrani Singh made me wonder if this was really her first film venture. It was a new and exciting venture working with her. The experienced crew was a very big bonus.

Makeup artiste Mousumi Chakraborty (Kolkata)

We shot under hot and humid conditions. I had to be constantly on my toes to provide touch ups to the artistes. Yet, the way the shooting proceeded and the total team atmosphere was such that I didn�t feel uncomfortable. Only when the artistes needed puff touches did I realize that it was indeed very hot. Overall, working in this project was another important experience in my professional pursuit.

Asst Director Nirmal Mukherjee (Kolkata)

I have worked with Tathagata in most of his feature, short, documentary and corporate film projects. Though he was associated in this project as a Technical Consultant, his assured ways had a very positive impact in the shoot of, �Why Me?� and this was visible in the confidence level of first time director Indrani Singh. She has done a wonderful job making the best use of the artistes and technicians who provided her unstinted support.

Asst Director Nikhil Sharda (Jamshedpur)

Though I myself have directed short, documentary and corporate films, this project was a whole new experience for me. The ease of performance by the three actors and the confidence of director Indrani Singh was awe inspiring. And of course, Tathagata Sir�s presence contributed to the finesse of a great venture.

Asst Director Debraj Mukherjee (Ghatshila)

The confidence of the artistes and the technical crew combined to make director Indrani Singh�s directorial debut memorable. Moreover, I was amazed at the confidence level of tiny tot, the five year old Shilpa Biswamitra who gave a professional performance in the company of experienced actors Jayanta Chatterjee and Anuradha Datta. She had become the toast of the entire unit.

Light, sound assistant Bapi Samanta (Kolkata)

It was like any other film shooting. There was no difficulty encountered at all except for some tricky technical situations where our combined experience helped us in surmounting the problems. It was indeed very satisfying to work in this project.

Light, sound assistant Debu Mondal (Kolkata)

The ambience was very good in spite of the blistering heat. Our work concentration left heat to mind its own business away from the shooting locations. The quest for perfection in every shot was very much in evidence.

Actor Jayanta Chatterjee (Kolkata)

An actor lives many characters and situations and I am no different. Every role, every story has its own challenges. We learn every moment. My character in, �Why Me?� required me to pool in all my experience. Working with Indrani ma�am was a pleasure and I look forward to working with her again. Little darling Shilpa Biswamitra was amazing, to say the least. She will go a long way if she chooses acting as a career. But first and foremost, she should pay attention to her studies. On the whole, working amidst beautiful people in a beautiful city was an occasion of great joy.

Actor Anuradha Datta (Kolkata)

I believe, spontaneity in characterization is one of the greatest assets of a performing artiste and this comes from observing daily life and how people react to such situations of living. I am learning every day and this short film gave me ample opportunities to add to my experience. Five year old Std 1 student Shilpa took everyone�s breath away with her ease of performance. We gave a few retakes but she okayed every shot on the first take. She was the champagne of the entire unit. As for me, I loved working with this unit.

Child artiste Shilpa Biswamitra (Jamshedpur)

Our principal ma�am (Indrani Singh) one day asked me if I wanted to act in a movie. I said yes and then she talked to my parents. I enjoyed acting in the film. All the uncle and aunties loved me. I love them too. Ma�am hugged and kissed me. I am feeling very sad for I don�t know when I will be able to meet them again. �I Love you all my uncles and aunties.�

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