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Wheels 2017 kicks off with great splendour, NFS and CS draws large crowd

Jamshedpur, Dec. 22: The initial segment of Wheels, i.e. the preliminaries, began on Thursday, December 22 with great splendour.

The first day of the three day affair witnessed a huge crowd gathering since 7am in the morning. Several events were organized successfully at various locations in Telco Colony such as Engineers Hall, Telco Recreation Club and Telco Club Stadium.

Counter Strike (CS), Need For Speed (NFS), Batman and Shaolin Soccer saw the largest number of participants.

150 teams participated in CS, each team consisting of 5 members and 500 students participated in NFS. Batman saw the participation of 100 teams on the first day itself in a knockout round.

60 teams participated in Shaolin Soccer in a knockout round while 40 teams participated in the first round of The Adzapp event. The participants were given a product and were required to create an advertisement to sell the product.
Enigma saw the participation of 76 teams, in which the participants were to solve various puzzles.

160 students showed up for the solo dance event, So You Think You Can Dance, with the maximum crowd in the junior most section i.e. Class 3-5. 60 students participated in the debate competition, The War of Words. The English Creative Writing Competition, Inkheart, saw the participation of 125 students in various categories.

Logic based question solving event, Sherlocked witnessed more than 200 participant teams out of which 15 will proceed to the finals to be held from 13-15 January, 2017.

The immensely popular basketball game event, Space Jam Basketball, was held amidst immense cheering where 80 teams participated in a knockout round.

The Solo Eastern Singing Competition, Raaga saw the participation of 240 students in two categories, out of which 20 will proceed to the finals.

The Superhero Quiz, The Riddler, saw the participation of more than 80 teams.

There were a large number a filler events such as Paint ball Shooting, Bull Riding, Zorbing held for the entertainment and unwinding of the participants as well as the organizers.

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