Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Welcome Priyanka!

By Anup Mishra

Priyanka, just like her grandmother, in neat, crisp and asthetic cotton saree walks in public shaking hands with some, waving at others. Her deamenor, radiant face, charasmatic smile and the way she carry herself reminds us of our beloved former Prime Minister Late Smt.Indira Gandhi.

Politics is first nature to her. She has held the Gandhi family borough ( Amethi and Raebareli) intact even in the Modi storm. She has seen politics day in day out and seen many ups and downs of the Indian politics. Lately she has been part of many strategic decisions of the congress party. She needs no grooming in politics. Politics is her priority now.

Priyanka has mastered the art of public speaking. She speaks effortlessly and connects to the audience comfortably. She needs no script for her speeches. Her fluency in hindi can put some hindi scholars to shame.

There is no doubt that Priyanka has been a loyal sister and a true Gandhian. She had waited years to join politics though politicians of all rank and file, karyakartas and people were insisting her to lead them from very long. Her time has come now.

Priyanka has brilliantly handled questions surrounding the alleged corruption charges against her husband. She has smilingly responded to every difficult question related to her husband. She has proved that she can manage media excellently, no matter how difficult is the situation.

During last general election, the Prime Minister’s eagerness to difuse the situation, calling her his daughter, shows how reluctant he was with her. Infact the opponents trembles on her name. Congress too considered her their Bramhastra, their very last resort. Congress president’s decision to launch her just before the coming general election is nothing less then a “Master Stroke !”

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