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Water crisis hits Bagbera housing colony due to technical snag

Jamshedpur, Jan. 30 : Water crisis has hit residents of Baghbera following technical snag at pump and motor of the filtration plant at the Bagbera housing colony water project.

The plant developed technical snag last evening due to which the residents have not received water of evening yesterday and for the entire day today.(Tuesday).According to the information, the water problem is more severe in the areas located at the tail-end of water supply system.

�It is really an agonising wait for the women for the arrival of water tankers in areas deprived of water supplies through the pipelines. Long queues of women standing for waters at hand pumps are regular feature,� said Abhay Kant, a resident of Baghbera.

�It is really difficult times for us. Long queues of women standing for waters at hand pumps are regular feature,� said Yohesh Sharma, a resident of Baghbera.
The Bagbera housing colony water project has nearly 1200 water connections. It was executed by Adityapur division of the drinking water and sanitation department at an estimated cost of Rs 2 crore and launched in July 2013. However, the maintenance of the water project is under the elected panchayat representatives.

The Bagbera Housing Colony, falls under two panchayats, namely Bagbera Colony panchayat and Bagbera Colony Madhya panchayat and the panchayat representatives of each of the panchayat collects maintenance charge of Rs 100 per month from those having water connections.

The long wait of 3 lakhs people for piped drinking water inched closure to reality as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das on Saturday laid foundation stone to the long waited Baghbera-Govindpur drinking water project at a function in Baghbera.

In 2015,CM laid foundation stone of the Rs238 crore water project sanctioned by the drinking Water and Sanitation Department of the State Government would benefit a populace of over 3 lakhs residing in 113 villages in 21 panchayats of Bagbera, Harharguttu, Ghaghidih, Kitadih and Parsudih. It envisages construction of a water treatment plant near Ghaghidih central jail and three water tanks. The project is expected to be completed by 2018. The project was waiting for commencement despite being in paper since 2006. The project had seen five detailed project reports (DPRs) being framed by consultants but nothing concrete had taken place so far at the ground level.

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