Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Villagers raise issues at Janta Darbar in Noamundi

Noamundi, March 19: Several issues related to drinking water, electricity connection, road, aganbadi were raised by the villagers during the public hearing at Badapasia under Noamundi Block on Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner Abubakar Siddique was also present during the hearing. The government officials listened to the public grievances were Indira Awas and Social beneficiary scheme were also raised.

The officers of various departments gave assurance to solve the issues. Many social representatives also voiced their views on pertaining social problem to the district authorities.

While addressing the public, Deputy Commissioner said, “the illegal mining is a crime and offenders are as bad as traitor.

The government officers who have nexus with Mafias are worse than criminal, because they take salary from the Government and on the other hand they support the illegal mining racketeers.

DC informed that the people suffering from life threatening diseases such as heart diseases, Kidney problem and Cancer will be given Rs 2.5 lakh benefit by the administration.

The superintendent of police Michael Raj present on the occasion said the public should inform to the police about the illegal mining being operated in the area and one should not believe in witchcraft incantation that threatens to kill as such believes are imagery and witches truly do not exist.

Also present on the occasion were District planning officer J B Tirky, District welfare officer Rajesh Linda, district Education officer Rajnikant verma, District Superintendent of Education Vina Kumari, District Panchayeti Raj Pada Adhikari Uma Mahto, District transport officer and others.

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