Friday, September 22, 2023

Villagers protest against eco sensitive zone

Himalayan Paths

Jamshedpur : The proposal to set eco sensitive zone at Chandil, Nimdih, Patamda and eco village has invited ire of villagers.

Dilip Mahato presided a meeting . Mahato said on the occasion that the government has made a plot to loot villagers.

The plot will not succeed at any cost. The government in the transfer of the road work zone, is making eco zone.

Mansingh Mardi said that displacement of villagers will not be tolerated. He said that water, forest and land is ours.

Why the government is making the wrong plan to displace us. We will strongly oppose the displacement policy.

On the occasion, Jagdish Mahato, Ganesha Besra, Yudhisthira Singh, Anand Singh, Manoj Kumar Mahato, Mitun Ghosh, Sushtidhar Singh, Manohar Hansada, Ajay Singh, were present.

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