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Village near Jamshedpur to go cashless, villagers to use mobile-banking

Jamshedpur, Nov. 20: Amidst chaos of demonetization, a village located near Jamshedpur has taken a step towards going cashless.

Thanks to the efforts of East Singhbhum district administration, a village Nuagram in Potka block, located 27 Km from the city, will soon boast to be the first village in the State to go cashless.

If everything goes as planned the villagers can buy wheat flour or a packet of potato chips for from the local grocer with just few clicks on their mobile phones. Their phones are being linked to their bank accounts and money will instantly transferred to the account of the grocer.

The idea is to connect the villagers to e-banking for everything � from buying milk to biscuits � through their mobile phones.

Under the leadership of district public relations officer, Sanjay Kumar, a camp was organised to spread greater awareness on e-banking system and virtual money transfer. The administration is taking steps to hold camps and link the mobile phones of villagers with the next banking.

�The village with a population of 552 is being transformed. At present 20 per cent of the total population is using the mobile banking facilities. We want take the figures to cent per cent,� noted Kumar.

He went on to inform that the reason why the village was chosen because 90 per cent of males in the village are literate. Moreover around 2 Km radius of the village branches of five banks are located. The village head Savitri Sardar herself is armed with diploma in Information Technology.

Meanwhile, a villager said: �We have got used to e-banking and hardly deal in cash and therefore the notes scarcity has not hit us. For anything above Rs 10, the collections are through e-banking. Like the rest of Indians, we are not worried about depositing or exchanging cash.

All the adults here have bank accounts linked to their Aadhar numbers. As all the transactions at markets, shops and even vegetable vendors here are cashless, we withdraw cash only when we have to go outside the village.

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