Village in Musabani to host first cashless marriage on Jan 9


    Jamshedpur,Jan 8: Prime Minister NarendraModi made a strong push to turn India into a cashless economy.Several campaigns have been launched all around the country to promote cashless transactions.

    In a bid to support the campaign, Badiya village in Musabani under East Singhbhum District will host first cashless marriage.

    The marriage has been initiated by Sanjay Kumar, deputy collector of Chief Minister Camp office.Subhash Nayak of Badiya village will tie the knot with Sunita of Chakradharpur in first cashless marriage for which the family members and relatives are ready.

    Ahead of January 9 marriage, Sanjay Kumar visited Badiya village and held discussion with the villagers, Subhash and his family members and took stock of the preparations. Sanjay Kumar informed Subhash and his family members that they are becoming an important part of the cashless campaign going on in the country and are setting example for many.

    Groom Subhashs Uncle Madan Nayak says the bride and her family belong to Itihasa in Chakradharpur and they will be arriving in Musabani on January 8.

    The wedding arrangements have been done by the groom side in Musabani. Nayak informed that wedding will be completely dowry free and arrangements including tent house, vegetables, ration, jewelers, priest will be paid through cheque, draft or swipe machine.

    It was confirmed by Sanjay Kumar when he visited the Kiran tent House in Musabani and met the owner Kailash Patar, met vegetable vendor Gourav Chakraborty and priest Vikas Mahapatro and talked about their mode of accepting payment. They all agreed to receive cashless payment.

    All the above people are quite excited to be a part of the cashless marriage. Playing an important role in the weeing, social worker Ganesh Nayar said that the villagers will pay the gift through cheque.

    Deputy collector Sanjay Kumar also called up the bride Sunita and asked about her age, education and congratulated her for a unique wedding.

    On the occasion block officer Sadhu charan Devgan, rural reporter Bhai Maharaj, Unicef’s Tarun Kumar, social worker Vishwajeet Prasad, businessman Ganesh Nayar, Ranjit Nayak, Anil Nayak, Sanyasi Naik, Hemant bera, Shyam Sunder, BholaRai, MothoTayal, MadanNayak and other several villagers were present.


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