Thursday, November 30, 2023

Vehicles choke in Mango despite widening of roads

Jamshedpur: Scores of commuters face harrowing time due to a traffic snarl. The affected spots included the Mango bridge, Dimna Road, and Old Court Road.

The commuters complained that often they confront with such situation. Long queue of vehicles including trucks, trailers, auto-rickshaws, cars and two-wheelers could be seen at the Mango bridge and the approach roads– Dimna Road, Pardih Road, Old Court Road and Bhuiyandih Road.

A section of commuters also blamed the traffic department for its inability to control the situation. �There would not have been such a chaos had there been traffic constables to manage the situation,” complained a commuter.

Traffic police were deployed to control the situation two hours after the jam began. A section of youths also volunteered in managing the traffic.

A traffic constable deployed on the Mango bridge admitted the fact that traffic congestion have become a regular phenomenon.

” With expansion programmes of Tata Steel and other companies, there has been a rise in the number of heavy vehicles. The pitiable road condition is also to be blamed as it often causes breakdown of vehicles,” he said .

This stretch is used by heavy vehicles and long distance buses coming from different parts of Jharkhand for going to Bengal, Odisha through Ghatshila and Baharagora. According to city police survey, around 2 lakhs vehicles cross this stretch every day.

Traffic on the Purulia Road witnesses snarls during peak hours this despite government spending more than Rs 12 crore on widening of the nearly 4.4 km long road which witnesses more than 1 lakh vehicles.

The state road construction department, which undertook road widening work, also admits of the problem of encroachment and illegal parking hampering smooth commuting on the road.

Sakchi based M/s Leading Constructions had started road widening and repairing work in the month of May 2014 and the construction work of the road was completed in early February.

Worst is the case of motorists who have no option but to drive cautiously often at a snail�s pace to prevent collision against a SUV or automobile backing up from these unauthorized parking spaces virtually on the road.

A police official admitted of the parking problem but passed on the buck to the local urban body to ensure that all building have basement and underground parking plans so that customers do not park vehicles on road.

�The local urban body officials should first ensure that all the commercial establishments have underground parking facility and customers visiting their firms have adequate parking space. This problem will cease to exist. We cannot control parking,� he said.

It is high time that the district administration comes into action regarding the matter before the city start resembling like a mad house.

�The city�s population has reached closed to 13 lakhs but still it does not have single flyover.

I think the private parties should be involved to develop and beautify roundabouts and maintenance of the roads in the non-Jusco area,� said a Kameshwar Prasad, a senior citizen.

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