Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Van operators face heat as administration plans city buses for school students

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Jamshedpur, July 6: After the district administration sternness, City van drivers and operators who threatened to carry on the strike are on the back foot. Santosh Mandal of School Vahan Seva Sanchalak Samiti announced the end of five day strike.

He said that seeing the trouble through which the parents and going through we have decided to call of the strike. Mandal said that district administrationís decision is not in favour of the van and auto drivers and they are not happy with it. He further said that when the decision was made their representatives were not invited.

According to Mandal the administration should allow 11 students to seat in auto and 15 in vans. Soon East Singhbhum district administration will crack down on the waywardness of school van operators.

Seeing their behavior plans are being made to have city buses for the school students. On Tuesday, July 7 District Superintendent of Education Indu Bhusan Singh will chair the meeting at his office with the school management in presence of District Transport Officer PM Kujur, Traffic DSP Vivekanand Thakura long with Mango and Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee Officer JP Yadav and Deepak Sahay.

At the meeting if school management agrees to run school buses then the plan will be finalized. JNAC Special Officer said that there are 50 city buses in the district of which 35 buses are upto date and can be made available to the schools immediately. Rest 15 buses can also be made available within 1-2 days. The blue print to run city buses for the students in ready.

On the fifth day of the ongoing strike of the auto and van operators, district administration on Monday finalized the students seating capacity in the school vans with immediate effect.

Now with the same guidelines the van operators will have to seat the students and anything more than this it will be considered as overload. Capacity of 10 types of vehicles was finalized.

Administration approved 6 students for Auto, 9 for van for students less than 12-years-old. DTO issued orders.

Vehicle Seating Capacity To seat
Maruti Van 7 seater 9
Tata Winger 14 seater 19
Three-Wheeler Auto 5 6
Vikram Auto 7 9
Tata Magic 8 10
Tata Aris 5 6
Tata Sumo 10 13
Toyota Qualis 8 10
Mahindra Maximo 8 10
Tata Venture 8 10

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