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Valhalla concludes on enthusiastic note

Jamshedpur : The third and final day of Philips presents Valhalla, powered by Star was a day that was a true embodiment of the theme of the fest, Heroes. With various sport and cultural events reaching
Their culmination today, each and every participant had the chance to be the hero that brought hono r to their respective colleges.

Beginning with the Stage Play , moving on through the various sporting events like Football, Basketball, Throwball and Volleyball , the Men and Women of the participating institutes battled it out on the fields, while the players of indoor sports like Badminton,Chess, Pool and Table Tennis fought hard to bring the laurels home.

The fact that amazed and gladdened most spectators was the ever present sportsmanship on display and the never say- die spirit of the contestants.

Amongst all the sporting activities, the ever popular Fashion Show and the Valhalla Debate added to the cultural aspect of the fest.

Body Zorbing football and Graffiti , were also big crowd pullers, allowing the people to indulge in some light hearted fun adding to the styling booth set up by sponsors Philips . The day ended with the most anticipated performance of them all, a show by the members of the official XLRI band, Bodhi Tree . What made t he occasion especially memorable was the presence of and performance by the members of the Bodhi Tree of the XLRI 2003- 2005 batch.

Every member of the audien ce was spellbound by the music being played and more than a few mentioned that this was a performance that they would remember for a long time.

XLRI is the country’s premier management institute and has been c onsistently ranked among the top B- schools, alongside the IIMs. The college is one of the most prefered destinations for those wishing to learn the ropes of management.

Valhalla, the annual Sports and Cultural fest organized by the students of XLRI Jamshedpur saw its conception in 2012. Valhalla means the Hall of Heroes in t he Norse mythology and aims to provide a wide array of events for students to take part in; ranging from several Individual and team sports, cultural events ranging from Dance and singing; XL BedRock, a full fledged battle of the bands and a unique opport unity to take in an adventure sports experience , in addition to numerous celebrity and local performances.

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