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Unofficially Jamshedpur is a smart city: TV Narendran

Jamshedpur, July 25: Tata Steel’s commitment to the development of city has been demonstrated over the time and it will continue in years to come.

“We have dedicated World class facilities to citizens of Jamshedpur and never compromise on quality. Last month Marine Drive project inauguration in presence of CM Raghubar Das is a perfect example of our dedication towards the development of city”, said TV Narendran, Managing Director Tata Steel addressing the gathering after inaugurating the Liquid Medical Effluent Treatment Plant at Tata Main Hospital on Saturday.

MD said that there has been lot of thoughts going on for as to which city will be developed as Smart but unofficially Jamshedpur is already a smart city and it has demonstrated it over the years.

“IT infrastructure is vital for a city to be developed as smart but civic facilities are of utmost importance for a city to be called Smart and in this front Jamshedpur can be compared to one of the best in the country”, added Narendran.

Earlier, DC East Singhbhum Dr. Amitabh Kaushal, T.V.Narendran, MD, Tata Steel inaugurated Environment Sustainability Projects for the city on Saturday evening.

It started with the Flag-off of the Road Sweeping Machine on Office Road, followed by start of facilities at MSW Transfer Station near C.H. Area Petrol pump, Modular Bio Gas Plant at Tata Football Academy and Liquid Medical Effluent Treatment Plant at Tata Main Hospital.

Senior executives from Tata Steel including Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice President Corporate Services, Ritu Raj Sinha, Chief Corporate Services, representative from Tata Workers Union S.Alam, MDs of associated Companies including Ashish Mathur MD JUSCO, senior executives from JUSCO including Capt. Dhananjay Mishra, Sr. GM (JTO) and TMH , members of the Citizens Advisory Council and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

A medical effluent treatment plant with a capacity of 100 KL / day has been set up for treatment of effluent generated within Tata Main hospital (TMH).

Liquid waste from Main Operation theatre/ Gynaec operation theatre/pathological laboratory/ Incinerator/laundry will be treated and the produced raw water will be used within TMH for horticulture purpose. Treated water quality parameters are at par with river water parameters.

This job is part of the overall project undertaken by Tata Steel for improving sewage collection, treatment and recycling in the Jamshedpur city.

We expect the Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage management systems of Jamshedpur to become best-in-class post implementation of these schemes.

As per the requirement of Environment Clearance and Consent to Operate conditions, Tata Steel is committed to comply with the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 enacted by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India.

As per the requirement of Environment Clearance and Consent to Operate conditions Tata Steel has decided to establish an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management system for command area of Jamshedpur under which following initiatives have been identified for implementation in the first phase.

Setting up of transfer stations across seven locations in the town having two portable compactors each. One of the locations identified is Northern Town Sewerage Pumping Station, CH Area which has been commissioned and it is ready for operation now.

The capacity of each transfer station will be 60 MTPD. Work at other locations – Old Uliyaan SPS, Baradwari SPS, Southern SPS, Tubemakers Club, Bara STP is nearing completion.

The new facility will have an advantage of closed and covered transportation, reduction in manual handling, reduction in no. of haulage trips, hence reduction in CO2 emission.

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