Tuesday, May 18, 2021

UNESCO should recognize Saraikela’s Chaitra religious fests as Intangible Heritage

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Mail News Service

Saraikela, April 13: The traditional religious festivities that mark Chaitra Utsav should be recognized as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO demanded Saraikela Nagar panchayat vice president Manoj Kumar Chowdhary during the ritualistic prayers to the flag and pitcher brought in by the Pat Bhoktas. Prayers were offered to the Nataraj or Perpetual dancer’s form of Lord Shiva and His power or Shakti.

The Nagar Panchayat vice president and BJP leader said that UNESCO had already recognized Saraikela’s Chhau Nritya Kala (dance art form) as Intangible Heritage. He reasoned, “The religious rituals observed during Chaitra celebrations which fulfill all formalities and criteria for recognition should also be recognized as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. A perfect example of social harmony is the ritual in which Charak Puja which includes Ghat Pat tradition where 13 Bhoktas from 12 tribes bring in the sacred urn.”

The Nagar Panchayat vice president went on to state that a small place like Saraikela boasts of seven Chhau Gurus who have been honoured with Padma Shri. As such, he said that along with the recognition given to Chhau art form, the religious rituals of Chaitra which encompass the four Yugs should find mention in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage. “This recognition will ensure that the religious practices of Chaitra Parv will be preserved and p[romoted by generations to follow,” he said.

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