Thursday, March 30, 2023

UCIL loses several crores on first day of indefinite strike


Jadugoda, Sept. 27: Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) suffered heavy losses running to the tune of several crores on the first day of indefinite strike called by the labour union leaders on grade revision and bonus issues here on Tuesday.

Production work in the company was completely paralysed as workers kept away from duty on the agitation call given by local labour union leaders. Many workers coming to the company gate returned after witnessing the barricading of the entrance gate by the union leaders. Absence of police and other security staff too, led to the success of the agitation, sources said.

Labour union leaders claimed that around 4500 workers were on strike in support of their demand for grade revision and bonus. Talks on the said issues have failed so far, union leaders said. “Our wage agreement is pending for the last 41 months. It has been signed. But workers are yet to get their revised wages,” said one of the union leaders.

Sources said the major impact of the strike was felt in Jaduguda and Turamdih mines where Uranium Peroxide could not be produced. Besides production activities, transportation of uranium ore was also stalled throughout the day. Every day, 44,000 tonne of uranium ore is processed in the Jaduguda and Turamdih processing plants.

After processing, Uranium Peroxide is sent to Hyderabad for final processing. From there, uranium is sent to different destinations across the country, sources said.

In view of the agitation, 15 company employees including drivers and peons were called on emergency duty by the UCIL management, sources said.

In view of the strike, uranium production was also affected in Bagjata, Narwa Pahar, Bhatin, Mahuldih and Banduhurang.

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