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Two Jamshedpur start-ups in finals of Bihar Innovation Challenge

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Jamshedpur: In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial prowess, two promising start-ups hailing from the heartland of Jamshedpur, have earned their place in the finals of the prestigious Bihar Innovation Challenge. The event is slated to be held in Patna on the 4th and 5th of October and is organized by the Industries Department of the Government of Bihar as part of the Start-up Bihar initiative.

The Bihar Innovation Challenge stands as a testament to the growing innovation ecosystem in the region, and it provides a platform for emerging start-ups to showcase their novel ideas and solutions. Out of a competitive pool of applicants from across the nation, only 25 start-ups have been selected in the college category, and remarkably, two of these hail from Jharkhand.

Both of these dynamic start-ups have received vital support and incubation from the Innovation Research Incubation and Innovation Council, reaffirming the significance of nurturing local talent and innovation. The first of the two selected ventures is ‘ALVE,’ founded by Rajeev Sharma, a resident of Jamshedpur’s Telco area. Rajeev Sharma, currently a final-year undergraduate student at the National Institute of Design, has steered ALVE toward creating an eco-friendly smart room freshener.

The second start-up, ‘Chlorophyll,’ is the brainchild of Aditya Sinha, a native of Sidhgora, Jamshedpur, and a third-year student at CV Raman Global University, Bhubaneswar. Chlorophyll’s innovative approach allows people to connect with tree plantation as a meaningful gift. Through this start-up, one can mark special occasions, such as birthdays, by having a sapling planted in the name of a loved one. The company offers a unique feature – an app that allows users to track the growth and progress of the planted tree, offering a heartfelt and eco-conscious gift-giving experience.

Amar Nath Singh from Navachar shared insights into their efforts, stating that Innovation has provided comprehensive support to these and other budding start-ups. This support includes marketing, financial assistance, legal guidance, funding opportunities, and market access across the country. Innovation, as the first private incubation center in Jharkhand, envisions a future where world-class start-ups emerge from the region, bringing recognition and pride not only to Jharkhand but to India on the global stage.

The inclusion of these two start-ups from Jamshedpur in the Bihar Innovation Challenge is a testament to the entrepreneurial potential and innovative spirit thriving within the state. They represent a bright future for Jharkhand’s start-up ecosystem, poised to make their mark on the national and global stage.

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