Friday, June 9, 2023

Two injured in accident on Tata-Kandra main road


Jamshedpur: Two persons, including a woman, were injured in a road accident at two different places in Gamharia on the Tata-Kandra main road. The injured were rushed to the hospital with the help of local people. The first incident took place near Usha Mor around 11 am. In this incident, due to a tire burst of a car coming from Kandra, he uncontrolled and hit the divider. The driver suffered minor injuries.
But at the same time, a trailor was coming from behind, which came very close to the car. The driver, showing his wisdom, suddenly stopped the vehicle by applying brakes, otherwise a major accident could have happened. Even after the information was delayed due to the delay in reaching the police, the people around pushed the car to the side of the road. During this time, the said route was jammed for about half an hour. After the car was driven to the road, the operation of vehicles on the said route became normal.
The second accident occurred near the Gamharia block office at around 2 pm. In the said incident, a woman named Preeti Devi, who was crossing the road due to the speed of a high speed bike fell, causing serious injuries to her head. The injured woman was taken to Gamharia Hospital for treatment by local people in an unconscious state. The woman is said to be from Bihar and lives with her friend in Kadma. She came to Gamharia in search of work.

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