Monday, December 11, 2023

Tusker menace: 28 year old man trampled to death in Dhalbhumgarh

Jamshedpur, March 2: A herd of wild elephants tramped a 28-year-old man to death at Narsinghpur village in Dhalbhumgarh in Ghatshila sub-division area� at the wee hours today.

The victim was identified as Budheswar Singh Sardar, a resident of Narsinghpur was returning home as he fell victim to the wrath of the wild elephants.

Forest department officials claimed the victim was drunk at the time he was attacked by the herd, thus making the total number of trampling death during the past two months to five in the Ghatshila sub-division.

“We are investigating the incident. The villager was trampled to death past midnight.  Moreover, the Dhalbhumgarh located in the foothills of Dalma also comes under the elephant project area,” said Jamshedpur DFO, Abhishek Kumar.

Kumar said there was six elephants in the herd which in its way to Dalma hills from Bengal.

“We are concerned about such incidents. The herd which killed the youth had drifted close to the human habitat probably on being attracted to the smell of the country-made liquor made from `mahua..’  And as the victim was drunk and was not in his senses completely, he might have missed to look at the herd before being trampled,” said the DFO.

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