Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tribals celebrate Sarhul in Jamshedpur, Mother earth worshiped

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Jamshedpur, April 15: Amidst strict Covid protocols, Sarhul, the annual tribal festival dedicated to mother earth was celebrated with fervour on Thursday. It is also known as “Ba Parb”, Ba stands for flower and Parb for festivals.

The centuries old festival was celebrated across Kolhan, especially in the tribal belt. It showcases various colours of life through flowers just like nature undergoes various changes throughout the year in different seasons.

Dashamt Tudu, one priest, said: “Sarhul is the festival of religious faith, which is being celebrated here for centuries. This tribal festival has kept its originality despite a lot of change in life with the passage of time.”

Like many other Indian festivals, performing Puja holds utmost importance during Sarhul. People worship the Saal tree at the “Sharan Sthala” that exists as a Shila (slab).

As per the ritual, a bird-like fowl is sacrificed as an offering to the Goddess Adishakti (the incarnation of Goddess Vaishno) at the Sharan Sthala and seeks her blessings. It is believed Saal tree is the abode of Goddess.

Once the Puja is over, the offerings to the Goddess are distributed among all devotees. Besides, it is only after the seasonal fruits and flowers are offered to the Goddess, the villagers can use them as per the ritual.

The main aspect of Sarhul is that the tribals have preserved their traditions and culture for such a long time. At Karandih, a huge number of people converged to participate in the Sarhul festival this year.

One of the visitors said: ” It’s a very major festival for us and is awaited for the whole year. For this festival, proper preparations are made to make it special. Everyone worships nature while participating in this festival.”

Many people say that Sarhul offers them an opportunity and reason to relate themselves with mother nature.

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