Friday, December 1, 2023

Tribal Security Council objects to marriage of Sujatha Murmu

Jamshedpur: The Tribal Security Council has raised concern over the marriage of Sujata Murmu, a tribal girl, who married Zahir Hussain at Chennai. Ramesh Hansda, the chairman of Tribal Security Council, addressing a press conference termed it as Love Jihad.

 Tribal leader at Kalimandir office near Adityapur Ashiana said that the inter-caste marriages of tribal women are threatening the survival of tribals. The Indian Constitution has given the benefit of reservation to the tribals to raise the standard of living.

 �If they marry with a non-tribal by taking a job in reserved posts, then the people of the reputed house will naturally consume it. There has been a great increase in inter-caste marriages in this material era. If this continues, then there is no point in giving reservation to tribals,� noted Hansda.

If that woman will not be able to continue her tradition after marrying a non-tribal, then she should not have the right to work on reservation. Under the profession law, 100 percent reservation has been given in the panchayat elections in the country. But in the last panchayat elections, hundreds of such examples will be found that the chief who wins is the wife of a non-tribal. This is an open violation of the profession, under the CNT and SPT Act, non-adivasis cannot buy land but they have also removed the solution by marrying a tribal girl.

Chairman Ramesh Hansda said that the Tribal Security Council will file a PIL in the Ranchi High Court making the marriage of Sujata Murmu and Zaheer Hussain based. And they will demand that Sujatha Murmu is no longer a tribal due to inter-caste marriages, so she should be dismissed from the job.

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