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Tribal communities enthrall audience on penultimate day of Samvaad

Jamshedpur: The Program at Gopal Maidan on Day � 4 of Samvaad began with performances from North India, and Himachal Pradesh. Spiti in Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most inaccessible places in the country, where due to inclement weather, the only means of entertainment there is dance and music. The group called Swangala Bodh Kala Manch presented the Sheini dance, which is performed by the Swangla Bodh community�during the Yore festival in winters. In this dance, men and women dance in 2 concentric circles. Next came the Dhemsa which is not just restricted to special occasions and festivals but it is a part of the daily routine of the Pardhan tribal people. Since it is a group dance, it also helps the people in the tribal community to come together and promote a feeling of brotherhood and harmony. Next, the Mundari dance was performed by the members of the Mundari community which is typically done on different festive occasions, most of which are related to agriculture.

The Mavilan tribe from Kerala presented the Mangalakali dance. This dance is an integral part of their culture and is performed by the community almost on all auspicious occasions including festivals, harvesting and marriages.  The dance is performed by the men and women of the tribe dressed in their traditional costumes. The instrument played in the dance was the thudi. From the State of Meghalaya, Khasi and Jaintia tribes performed the Rongkusi dance. It is performed during the harvesting period in winters and depicts the indigenous war community inhabiting Jaintia hills. The Bhil tribe from Gujarat perfored the Gosai dance. This dance is performed in the villages for 5 days at the time of the festival of Holi.  The performance had as it�s s accompaniment the Nagara, Drapery, flute and brass plate.

Moving forward to the State of Jharkhand, Tom Murmu is a song-writer, music composer and producer from Dumka (Jharkhand). He is best known for taking the Santhali music, and presenting it around the world with a contemporary, global and modern flavor. Popularly known for his Adivasi Anthem, Tom Murmu and group regaled the audience with their rhythmic performance.

Earlier in the day, the schedule of activities at the Tribal Culture Centre was similar to the previous day though the deliberations were different. At the TCC the proceedings began with soul-searching and establishing the context for the day’s theme. This was followed by shared learnings from incredible tales of collective struggle, as well as the sacrifices and successes, among tribal communities. The theme for Samvaad during the current year was the topic during a shared perspective on ‘Tribalism Today�.

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