Friday, July 30, 2021

Train services hit between Howrah and Tatanagar after public protest

Jamshedpur: Train services got hit between Howrah and Tatanagar section of South Eastern Railway ( SER) for about three hours on Tuesday morning following a public agitation at Barkola between Dhalbhumgarh and Kokpara railway stations, about 80 Kms away from steel city.

Local villagers, demanding a passenger halt at Barkola, squatted on tracks at around 7am, affecting the running of both passenger and goods train in Up and Down lines. The protesters withdrew their agitation at 10 am after an assurance from railway officials of Kharagpur railway division.

The Howrah-bound Steel Superfast Express which left Tatanagar railway station on its scheduled departure at 6.15 pm got stuck up at Ghatshila due to the agitation. The train remain halted for about three hours before it proceeded on its journey at 10 am when the agitation was withdrawn. The train reached Howrah at around 1.30 pm.

We had no choice but to persuade the protestors. The trains got delayed and passengers had to suffer, said an official.

Similarly, the Howrah-Barbil Janshatabdi Express and Howrah-Titlagarh Ispat Superfast Express got late when the trains reached Tatanagar railway station. The Janshatabdi Express reached Tatanagar one hour behind its schedule arrival time. The train is supposed to arrive at Tatanagar at 9.40 am but because of the agitation it came here at 10.40 pm.

The Titlagarh-bound Ispat Superfast Express reached Tatanagar railway station at 11 am, half-an-hour behind its schedule. The Jhargram-Dhanbad MEMU Passenger got delayed by about three hours when it reached Tatanagar railway station. The scheduled arrival of that passenger train at Tatanagar is 7.55 ambut today the train reached here at around 10.50 am.

The Kharagpur-Asansol Passenger which runs via Tatanagar got delayed by about two-and-half hours. Instead of 8.30 am, which is its schedule arrival time, the Asansol bound train came here at 10.50 am.

Railway sources said that several passengers from Tatanagar for both the Dhanbad and Asansol bound trains got their tickets cancelled when they came to about the delayed running of the trains due to the agitation. The Howrah-bound Ahmedabad Express and a couple of other trains also got delayed due to the public agitation.

Located on the Howrah-Mumbai main route Tatanagar is an important station. Several important trains travel via Tatanagar, including the high-profile Rajdhani Express and Duronto Express. The station sees a daily traffic of 90 mail, express and passenger trains, besides a footfall of more than 60,000 passengers.

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