Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Train services hit due to traffic-cum power block

Jamshedpur, June 18 : Train services were hit in Chakradharpur division on Sunday following a six hours ( from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm) traffic-cum power block between Kustaur and Bagalia stations under Adra division for launching of a limited height subway.

Moreover, a separate four hours blockade from 1 pm to 5 pm was also carried out at the Purulia station of Adra division that also hit movement of trains. Several trains were short-terminated, diverted and rescheduled.

The 63594 Asansol-Purulia MEMU passenger was short terminated at Adra while the 58026 Hatia Kharagpur Passenger was short terminated at Purulia railway station today.

The 58025 Kharagpur-Hatia Passenger was short terminated at Adra railway station. The Hatia-Tata Passenger was diverted via Muri and Sini railway stations instead of Muri, Kotshila , Purulia and Sini stations.

The 12884 Purulia-Howrah Rupasi Bangla Express Scheduled to leave Purulia at 3.35 pm was rescheduled by two hours. The train left Purulia at 5.35 pm. Similarly, the 63597 Ranchi-Asansol MEMU Passenger Scheduled to leave Ranchi at 12.30 pm was rescheduled by one hour due to the trafic-cum-power block.

The 13302 Tata-Dhanbad Express Scheduled to leave Tatanagar at 1.20 pm was rescheduled. It left Tatanagar station at 3.45 pm. The 18184 Danapur-Tata Express scheduled to leave Danapur at 6 am left at a rescheduled time of 7 am.

Officials of South Eastern Railway said due to the two traffic-cum-power block the Up and Dn Adra-Barabhum-Adra MEMU Passenger and the Up and Dn Kharagpur-Purulia Intercity Express were cancelled today.

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