Friday, December 2, 2022

Traffic congestion cleared, Now its citizens turn to show parking sense

Jamshedpur, Sept 2: Seeing the increase in congestion of vehicles and ever rising population, the govt. and district administration has stepped up to solve this issue as early as possible.

The local administration headed by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Amitabh Kaushal has tried to minimize the weekly markets that packed up the key areas throughout the city.

This step was both lauded and criticized by the people. The Sakchi and Bistupur market areas which often used to be jammed up with parked vehicles have also been cleared off.

This has enabled commuters to move and access freely throughout the market. Like most of the other cities across the country, Jamshedpur has also risen from an unplanned model where shops were placed haphazardly.

Gradually in time the key areas developed, but now as population raised a constraint of area could be felt. Now in place of old buildings new malls and highly furnished buildings have erected.

All is fine till we come across the parking areas for the buildings. Itís not shocking that for some of the installations we do not have a parking.

Shopkeepers spread out their booty on the streets and footpaths. In some areas even roads are encroached. This adds on the problems for the passersby who are pushed further on road and become prone for a battle with the speeding vehicles.

Often cars are also parked in front the shops and buildings which obviously either belongs to the owners or the customers; mostly owners park them to get easy access.

Itís a matter of surprise that a man who has bought a car worth of several lakhs of rupees feel a little over budget to pay a few bucks for parking ticket. Hence at this level the administration fails to upkeep the task of clearing off the pavements.

This is completely our responsibility to understand the efforts of the officials and clear off as much area as possible for the common people to wander easily.

On the other hand we can park our vehicles in the parking area or at a place away from the crowd.

The deployed traffic personnel are enough to curb the auto maniacs who can disobey etiquettes and rules to park and pick up passengers at any place & at any point of time.

The rest lies with us of what we expect of the city streets- cleared or packed.

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